Circolarità per raggiungere gli obiettivi del sistema alimentare – Sostenere un futuro proteico vegetale

26/10/2022 | Il Blog di Antignano

Bringing together 25 partners across 10 European countries, the new EU project VALPRO Path will deliver circular and transparent plant protein production to the EU, paving the way for a new future of food and economic growth. In short, the ambition of VALPRO Path is to create, validate and demonstrate novel added-value opportunities that promote plant protein production for both food and feed in the EU, thereby defining new strategies for enhancing production and ensuring a smooth transition from current to novel practices.


“A core part of VALPRO Path are 5 Innovative Production Systems (IPSs) located across the EU, which as ‘living labs’ will generate novel production / processing systems optimum for specific regions that exploit the highest value potential from protein crops such as pea, lupin, chickpea, faba bean and lentils. By bringing all stakeholders in food production into the designing of these new production systems we are ensuring that what is produced is delivering optimum value for producers, distributors and industry representatives, who will also benefit from VALPRO Path’s piloting activities. To support this further we will create business models for each specific IPS providing them with key insights regarding market analysis, sustainability profiling, target users and how to fit developed solutions to meet the needs of the European plant protein market.”

Dr. Ewen Mullins, VALPRO Path Project Coordinator

The project will help in identifying gaps and creating good practices that will make bigger environmental, social, health and economic impact with less waste and increased yields, but it will also change consumer attitudes towards alternative sources of dietary protein. 16 industrial partners supported by 4 universities, 3 research institutions, a large European farmers’ association and an international agri-network are joining forces to achieve these goals. The VALPRO Path project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme and all the information is available on project’s website, as well as FacebookLinkedinTwitter and Youtube.